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भुक्तिमुक्तिदायकं प्रशस्तचारुविग्रहं धर्मसेतुपालकं त्वधर्ममार्गनाशकं कर्मपाशमोचकं सुशर्मदायकं विभुम् ! मृत्युदर्पनाशनं करालदंष्ट्रमोक्षणं ज्ञानमुक्तिसाधनं विचित्रपुण्यवर्धनम् । Closure: After chanting, take a several moments to sit down quietly, absorbing the vibrations and Strength invoked over the practice. Supply your gratitude and conclude the session with a way of peace and rever... https://vashikaran-totke69791.ezblogz.com/56609663/fascination-about-kaal-bhairav-mantra


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